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Balloons | Board with organic arch and name

Regular price 1,800.00 lei
Materials: the balloons used are of the highest quality. Made in Italy, Spain or the USA, they are made of non-polluting biodegradable latex.
Delivery: the decorations are delivered by us. The decor is 90% complete. Work on the location for at least another 3 hours or depending on the size of the decoration. In the case of large decorations, work starts early in the morning.
Dimensions: All decorations are made to fit both in locations such as restaurants and at home. The panels are dismantled and the balloons are brought in sections and assembled at the location. In principle, the photocorners are approximately 2 - 2.5m high.
Durability: All balloons are made of high quality latex. The balloon decoration lasts 1-2 weeks in very good conditions, after which it deflates easily. In the apartment they can last up to 2-3 months. Orbz balloons last up to 5 months with helium.